All the madmen are in here
Talking in a voice unclear,
Telling me about the time
They went uphill to see their crime.
They climbed and climbed
Then climbed some more,
When suddenly a wooden door
From out of nowhere just emerged,
To open it they felt the urge.

But, frightened of what they might see
Frightened of what might be
Lurking behind, waiting in the shadows
They just stood in front of that door
Stood and stood, then stood some more.

Finally one of them madmen
Took courage firmly by both hands
And slowly opened the wooden door,
Then he just froze and started to implore:
“All those mirrors standing there
Showing nothing but my crazy glare!”

And all the madmen started to stare
At their strange and frightened glare.
The evening came but still they stood
Not caring for shelter nor food.
They screamed and screamed
Then screamed some more,
Terrified by the hidden lore
That darkest part of their miserable souls.


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