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All the madmen are in here
Talking in a voice unclear,
Telling me about the time
They went uphill to see their crime.
They climbed and climbed
Then climbed some more,
When suddenly a wooden door
From out of nowhere just emerged,
To open it they felt the urge.

But, frightened of what they might see
Frightened of what might be
Lurking behind, waiting in the shadows
They just stood in front of that door
Stood and stood, then stood some more.

Finally one of them madmen
Took courage firmly by both hands
And slowly opened the wooden door,
Then he just froze and started to implore:
“All those mirrors standing there
Showing nothing but my crazy glare!”

And all the madmen started to stare
At their strange and frightened glare.
The evening came but still they stood
Not caring for shelter nor food.
They screamed and screamed
Then screamed some more,
Terrified by the hidden lore
That darkest part of their miserable souls.



home_2 Would you take me as I am
If I knew who I was?
Would you take me by the hand
to watch the sunrise?

Could you just be with me,
Without trying to change me?
Could we just sit silently
Feeling connected yet free?
I could hang my hand
Around your neck,
We could just sit
Throughout the sunset
Or maybe dance
With our bare feet,
Feeling so innocent
And so complete.

Novi Dan

16370376078_753bfdb737_b.jpgGlava na jastuku
Sanjivo posmatra
Iluziju vremena,
Prostor bez granica.

Koleba se, misli,
Da li je budna
Ili još uvek spi
Dok nebom šaraju oblaci?
Smrt joj kosu miluje
Ona tone nazad u san,
Leti ka nepoznatim obalama
Da dočeka novi dan.


U trenutku
U minutu
Sve što je bilo
I biće
Sve što tiho

Po obodu
Sve moje je
Sve što tražim

Kao plašt
Taj sat
Sve što znam
Samo priče
Sve sto želim

Sanjam da sam
Sanjam kako
Prolećem kroz vreme
Nosim teško breme
Uvek iz početka,
Kojeg uopšte nema.

Pale blue eyes

pale_blue_eyes_by_98laurat-d68wkjyThose eyes,
Those pale blue eyes
Keep watching me!
What are those eyes
Doing here?

So many eyes
In just one room,
All of different size
Smelling just like doom.

Some seem to criticize
Some to approve,
Pale blue eyes
All over my room.

Some of them are crying
Some are just trying
To keep me occupied
While I stare at them
Feeling hypnotized.

Some are on the ceiling
Some are on the walls,
Some keep reappearing
On my bedroom door.

What are they doing here?
What are they trying to prove,
Those pale blue eyes
All over my room?

And though I am terrified
I stare back at them,
Feeling mesmerized
By those pale blue gems.

Till one day the blue
Turned into red,
Chaining me like glue
To my very own bed.

To this day they keep
Watching over me
Unable to sleep
I stare back at thee.

Unaware of the time
Unable to resist,
Till they’ve sucked me dry
Till I cease to exist.

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black-2Black eyes melting on my skin,
Black kisses swallowing my being,
Black is all around,
Black with no sound.

Black circles on the ground,
Black squares on my gown,
Black never leaves,
Black never sleeps.

Black thoughts imprinted in my mind,
Black moods following me around,
Black is all around,
Black with no sound.

Black shapes of things to come,
Black spaces when all is gone,
Black never leaves,
Black never sleeps.
It is all around-
Black with no sound.


The sorcerer

Credits: Darkstar by blkcat13

There once was a sorcerer
A proud and dangerous man,
A powerful healer
With knowledge and a plan.
He enslaved all his followers
Enjoyed their helping hands
He rejoiced in his might
Deceiving his fellow men.

There once was a sorcerer
A beast in disguise
A real man-eater
With a mouth full of lies.
He made shiny stuff
To keep others occupied
He invented the stories
That made people divide.

Adored by the masses
As a living God,
Worshiped in churches
As the Lord of Lords.
Fooled by their ignorance
Kept obedient and docile,
People celebrated decadence
And all things superficial.

There once was a sorcerer, let us not forget! An avid human hater that made him his pet.

The sorcerer’s plan Is still working well, nothing left of man but an empty shell.

Modro i Belo



Modro je moje telo,
Modro i belo.
Od tvojih dodira
Od tvojih šapata
Sve je modro, purpurno,
Sve pusto, prozirno.
Moja duša luta
Bez očiju bilo kuda,
Traži Sebe
Noći bele,
Traži tvoj
Krik sa usana,
Traži svoj
Uzdah od bola.
I svi pogledi
Uprti su u nebo,
Svi dodiri
Traže moje telo,
Meko, modro i belo.