The sorcerer

Credits: Darkstar by blkcat13

There once was a sorcerer
A proud and dangerous man,
A powerful healer
With knowledge and a plan.
He enslaved all his followers
Enjoyed their helping hands
He rejoiced in his might
Deceiving his fellow men.

There once was a sorcerer
A beast in disguise
A real man-eater
With a mouth full of lies.
He made shiny stuff
To keep others occupied
He invented the stories
That made people divide.

Adored by the masses
As a living God,
Worshiped in churches
As the Lord of Lords.
Fooled by their ignorance
Kept obedient and docile,
People celebrated decadence
And all things superficial.

There once was a sorcerer, let us not forget! An avid human hater that made him his pet.

The sorcerer’s plan Is still working well, nothing left of man but an empty shell.


Modro i Belo



Modro je moje telo,
Modro i belo.
Od tvojih dodira
Od tvojih šapata
Sve je modro, purpurno,
Sve pusto, prozirno.
Moja duša luta
Bez očiju bilo kuda,
Traži Sebe
Noći bele,
Traži tvoj
Krik sa usana,
Traži svoj
Uzdah od bola.
I svi pogledi
Uprti su u nebo,
Svi dodiri
Traže moje telo,
Meko, modro i belo.