Pale blue eyes

pale_blue_eyes_by_98laurat-d68wkjyThose eyes,
Those pale blue eyes
Keep watching me!
What are those eyes
Doing here?

So many eyes
In just one room,
All of different size
Smelling just like doom.

Some seem to criticize
Some to approve,
Pale blue eyes
All over my room.

Some of them are crying
Some are just trying
To keep me occupied
While I stare at them
Feeling hypnotized.

Some are on the ceiling
Some are on the walls,
Some keep reappearing
On my bedroom door.

What are they doing here?
What are they trying to prove,
Those pale blue eyes
All over my room?

And though I am terrified
I stare back at them,
Feeling mesmerized
By those pale blue gems.

Till one day the blue
Turned into red,
Chaining me like glue
To my very own bed.

To this day they keep
Watching over me
Unable to sleep
I stare back at thee.

Unaware of the time
Unable to resist,
Till they’ve sucked me dry
Till I cease to exist.

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